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We participate in ADGA Linear Appraisal, DHIR, and DNA Marker Testing.


Debra has completed the online Langston University Dairy Goat Producer Certification.


This website is always under construction. You'll find information on all our Nigerian Dwarf breeding stock on the Senior Doe, Junior Doe and Buck pages.  Click on the thumbnail photo on the index pages to go to each animal's individual page. On each goat page you will find a link to ADGA genetics where you can access all the linear appraisal data and milk records by clicking the tabs on the left side panel. Thank for visiting!

I've updated doe and buck pages with the 2017 LA information. We had two yearling bucks that earned the highest score given for yearlings (89)  That was Cedar View Lodovico *B (Heleena x Ceasario) and Cedar View Marciano *B (Paeonia X Ceasario).  We had some repeat 90s and some new 90s.  Most of our goats were only a few days fresh, and some didn't kid in time to be appraised or were still pregnant. We could not participate in the 2018 appraisal due to schedule conflicts, but we have applied for the 2019 appriasal.

Update: The 2019 Appraisal scores have been added to each individual’s page.

Important:  I have amended my sales policy. Please be sure to read the policy on the "About Cedar View Farm" page. 

The sales page is always under construction. I will be adding to it as I find time to get photos and enter the information on the each animal. We have several goats that I wish I could keep, but I really must sell due to space and "time", so please call if you are interested in our stock. I've put prices on a few of the juniors that you will see on the junior pages of this website.  If they aren't priced, make me "an offer I can't refuse." :)

"Cedar View Farm Nigerian Dwarf Goats and Livestock Guardians" has a FACEBOOK page.   You can "like" us on Facebook if you like.  Feel free to send a personal message on Facebook, or send an email to:, but you will get a much faster response if you text me at 423-506-3977.

Goats for Sale

Some of our senior does in milk will be offered for sale in order to make room for the retention of young stock.   All have earned milk production awards through the ADGA performance program.   We also have several bucks that we use in our breeding program, there may be a mature bucks that we are willing to sale but they are not on the for sale page.

If you are interested in purchasing a doe or buck, please email ( or text (423-506-3977) for availability.....

Prices for bucks range from $600 to $2000.  Lower prices may be available of some young bucks only if sold without papers. 
Prices for doelings range from $750 to $2000.

Testing Info

In February 2013 all our milking does started on standard 20 DHIR test and all does who have completed at least one lactation have earned Advanced Registry or Star milker status through ADGA.  Additionally, all of our milking does participated in the ADGA Linear Appraisal program on Sept.  2013, May 2014, April 2015,  July 2016, and April 2017.  Unfortunately the schedule would not permit us to participate in LA in 2018. We did participate in 2019 and the scores are posted.

Cedar View Farm has never had a case of CAE, Johnes, or CL. We test our herd annually. The latest test on January 18, 2019 reported all negative for CAE, Johne’s disease, and CL. Interested buyers are welcome to have additional tests run at their expense prior to purchasing goats.  We can make arrangements with our vet for the testing.