Cedar View Fiona 2*M   - sold

Born 3/19/2014

2015 LA VVV+ 83 (first freshener)

2016 LA VEV+ 86

2017 LA VVV+ 85 (coded stale - late in lactation)

Photo made 7/24/2016

Photo made 7/24/2016

12 hour udder photo 7/24/2016

12 hour udder photo 7/24/2016

Sire: SG Cedar View Fabrizio +*B

Sire's Sire:  Little Tot's Estate Bambino ++*B

(GCH/MCH/PGCH AGS Buffalo Clover Valentino ++B x GCH AGS Little Tot's Estate Bambusa 1*M)

Sire's Dam:  SGCH Cori's Fancy Dinah Belle 2*M

  (Little Tots Estate Incana x AGS Maple Tree Knoll Dixie Belle 1*M)

Dam:  Little Tot's Estate Zabrina 1*M

Junior photo October 2014

Junior photo October 2014

Dam's Sire: Little Tots Estate Acer Rubrum *B

  (AGS GCH Woodhaven Farms Cowboy Cadilak +Bx GCH AGS Brush Creek Hallelujiah 1*)

Dam's Dam: Little Tots Estate Zizyphus

  (AGS Rosasharn SS Sequoia +B x Rosasharn's Iki)


2016 ANDDA JuJu Bronze Award for Milk Production

Her 2017 lactation with 299 days in milk was 630#, 51# butterfat, and 35# protein. 2017 ANDDA Silver JUJU  Award

Reserve Grand Champion Junior Doe at the MS State Fair on 10/12/2014 (a 2 ring show)

Grand Champion Junior Doe at the South Carolina State Fair on 10/18/2014