SG Little Tots Estate Syeira 4*M           

Born 2/04/2012

2014 LA EEEE 91
2016 LA EEEV 90

2017 LA VEEE 90 (permanent score) 

2017 ADGA Breed Leader in Butterfat (#7)

photo made 5/14/2014

photo made 5/14/2014

Sire:  Little Tots Estate Celtis
Sire's Sire:  Rosasharn HR Chewbacca +B (Rosasharn TF Honey Bear x AGS Rosasharn TL Arwen 2*M)
Sire's Dam:  Little Tot's Estate Dahlia (AGS Caesar's Villa LV Eric *B x GCH Little Tot's Estate Bellis 2*M)

Dam:  Little Tots Estate Sericea 3*M
Dam's Sire:  GCH AGS Woodhaven Farms Cowboy Cadilak +B (AGS Woodhaven Farms Texas Twister x AGS Flat Rocks Opal)
Dam's Dam: SGCH/ MCH / PGCH AGS SM3Pines Juren's Sugar Glider 2*M (AGS Creek Road Envy +B x AGS Gay-Mor Berry's Jurrasic 1*M)

2013 Bronze JuJu Award from ANDDA
2014 Gold JUJU Award from ANDDA
2015 Gold JUJU Award from ANDDA

2016 Gold JUJU Award from ANDDA

2017 Gold JUJU Award from ANDDA (305 1149 93 50)


In her first freshening on 3/9/2013 she had quads.  In her second freshening on April 2, 2014 Syeira had quints (3 does and 2 bucks - all healthy).  Five healthy kids again on 4/29/2015!  In 2016 she had twin bucks, and in 2017 healthy quints again with 3 does and 2 bucks.